We successfully assisted the client to obtain a temporary residence permit (TRP) on the grounds of completed studies in Lithuania.


  • valid travel document;
  • documents affirming the issuance (changing) of the temporary residence permit:
    – number of the facilitation letter submitted by the employer via MIGRIS;
    – the employer ascertainment of your qualification (e.g., diploma or certificate).
  • If the facilitation letter indicates that your monthly wage is less than 1 monthly minimum wage (MMW), the document about sufficient subsistence funds (not less than 1 MMW);
  • The undertaking to declare residence place in Lithuania;
  • Certificate regarding conviction/non-conviction.


1. The application is submitted electronically via the Lithuanian Migration Information System (MIGRIS);
2. The personal appointment is booked within 4 months from the day of filling-out application via MIGRIS;

If you are looking for assistance to submit and lead the TRP application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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